Welcome to Caulkhead Bros Beard Care

We have a selection of quality beard oils & butters,

designed to moisturize and keep your beard healthy, controlled and smelling the best it can.

There are lots of benefits to using beard care products, beard oils help to moisturize the

skin to help eliminate itchiness that often occurs during the early stages of beard growth.

It can also add the first layer to start protecting and moisturizing your beard.

Ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, and hemp seed oil will help not only your skin,

but your beloved beard also.


Beard butter adds the finishing touch to the conditioning of your beard, with carefully selected

ingredients like, shea and mango butters, alongside argan, jojoba and avocado oils.

Your beard has the perfect tools for protection, health and next level softness.

Made in small batches for quality & freshness guarantee.


We use natural & organic ingredients that are also vegan friendly. 

We do also use fragrance oils in some of our products in order to achieve

a certain scent profile.

When we do, we select the best quality & use them in minimal amounts.



Our new Christmas Collection is now available!

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